Funding Disbursement Search

The tool below enables all companies that receive Lifeline Program support to search and view disbursements.

Beginning with August 2012 support claims, Lifeline Program disbursements are based on the actual support claims filed on the FCC Form 497. Prior to August 2012, USAC paid companies based on a projection, and then trued up the disbursed amount based off the actual data submitted by the company for a particular month. For months prior to August 2012, this tool shows a company's projection, actual support claim, and true up amount, allowing the company to reconcile its disbursement against the amount of support it had claimed on the FCC Form 497.

The tool allows companies to use various search methods to locate data for any month, beginning with January 2004. Companies can determine disbursement amounts by entering a company name, state, study area, or 498 ID. Multiple criteria may be used to narrow a search more effectively by selecting a year and month. If searching by "Study Area Name," please refer to the FCC Filings and use the most recent appendix to find the proper name.

Data can be viewed in HTML and copied and/or cut and pasted into a worksheet for ease of use. Lifeline Program disbursement data is updated monthly.

If you have any questions regarding the status of a disbursement, a remittance statement, or an invoice received, please contact Customer Operations.