October 12, 2022

E-Rate System Consolidation

This winter, USAC is going to integrate the invoicing, appeals and post-commitment functions into the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC), giving users a single platform on which to conduct all E-Rate transactions.


When will the consolidation begin?
The integration effort is underway and USAC has been taking steps behind-the-scenes to move existing data into EPC and build its form intake and review functions. These steps do not affect the current invoicing or post-commitment processes. USAC expects to make the cutover to EPC in a phased approach beginning with implementation of certain features in December 2022.

How will this change affect E-Rate participants?
The first phase will impact invoicing and appealing applications from older funding years. Beginning in December 2022, users will create and submit FCC Form 472 (Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR)), FCC Form 474 (Service Provider Invoice (SPI)), and FCC Form 473 (Service Provider Annual Certification (SPAC)) submissions in EPC. Additionally, applicants and service providers will submit appeals for applications from funding year (FY) 2015 and earlier in EPC. As a reminder, customers already submit appeals for FY2016 and later in EPC.

Where and when can I get more information on these changes?
The E-Rate System Consolidation page on the E-Rate website will provide updates and information starting in October 2022. USAC will also add content to its Announcements page and Upcoming Dates page, and provide important information in its monthly E-Rate News Briefs, including Special Editions as needed, to keep you aware of key dates and any actions required by E-Rate participants.

Will USAC provide training and resources to assist users submitting invoices?
USAC will provide a lot of support surrounding the move to EPC including learning modules, News Brief articles, and webinars. The E-Rate Announcements page and Upcoming Dates page will also provide information about training materials and upcoming events related to the platform integration. If you have not already done so, please subscribe to the E-Rate News Brief to stay on top of these updates.

The videos below are designed to give you a preview of filing FCC Forms 472 and FCC Forms 474 after the completion of system consolidation.

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