March 10, 2013 

For Last-Minute Filers – Block 2 Reminders

Security Code

Before you go to Block 2, the system will assign you an application number and a security code. We strongly suggest that you click the Print Now button to save a copy of this information in case you need to exit the application and return later. If you’re already in Block 2, you can click on the Block 1 button at the bottom of the page to access this screen.

In Block 2, you must indicate the number of students (schools) or library patrons (libraries) and some information about the numbers and speeds of your services.

  • Schools complete the entries in the first column.
  • Libraries complete the entries in the second column.
  • Consortia complete one or both columns depending on whether their members are only schools, only libraries, or both schools and libraries.

You must enter information in every field in your required column(s). If you do not have a particular service – or a building served at a particular speed, you can enter "0" (zero) in that field.

  • You should use the advertised download speed coming into the building rather than the actual speed in the classroom or room if they are different.
  • If your speed falls exactly between two entries, include it in the field where that is the lower limit (e.g., a classroom or room with a speed of exactly 100 mbps would be included in "Greater than 100 mbps").
  • If you are not sure of the speed, ask your service provider.

NOTE: Block 3 is reserved – no entries are required.


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