March 12, 2013 

For Last-Minute Filers – Block 5 Reminders

Block 5 Funding Requests

In Block 5, you complete a funding request for each service that is specific to a service provider and a category of service.

If you are filing for both Priority 1 and Priority 2 services, be sure to file them on separate FCC Forms 471. Filing for services in both priorities on the same form can delay decisions on your Priority 1 requests.

The FCC Form 470 application number you cite in Item 12 as the form that established the competitive bidding process on which this funding request is based must have been posted for at least 28 days. This Allowable Contract Date will appear in Item 17.

If your service provider has applied for but has not yet received a Service Provider Identification Number, you can use the Interim SPIN 143666666 to complete your form online and then provide the correct SPIN during the review of your application.

Remember that if you are applying for Telecommunications Services, your service provider must be eligible to provide these services.

You must create a number for your Item 21 attachment. An Item 21 attachment – a description of the products and/or services in your funding request – is submitted separately from this form. You must also identify the entity (“site-specific”) or entities (“shared,” i.e., shared by all the entities on the worksheet) receiving the service.


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