March 13, 2013 

For Last-Minute Filers – Block 6 and Item 21 Reminders

Block 6 Certifications

In Block 6, you certify your compliance with program rules. Read all of the certifications carefully and make sure you can correctly certify each statement.

In Item 25, the system will total the funding requests on your form and display the results in Items 25a-c. In Item 25d, you include the amount you have budgeted for necessary resources – that is, the computers, training, software, internal connections, maintenance, and electrical capacity that are not eligible for discounts but that are necessary to use the discounted services effectively. After you enter this number, the system will calculate the total amount of money you must budget for your share of the cost of the discounted services plus the full cost of necessary resources.

After you have entered all of the required information, you are ready to submit and certify your form.

  • Click Electronic Certification>> if you have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and are ready to certify your form online.
  • Click Paper Certification>> if you don't have a PIN. The system will allow you to print a copy of your certification page, which you then can sign, date, and mail to USAC.

NOTE: Whether you choose electronic or paper certification, you MUST click the green Submit button on the following page or your application will not be submitted and may be treated as not filed by the close of the filing window, thereby leading you to receive no E-rate funding on the application.

Item 21 Attachments

The Item 21 attachment is filed separately from the FCC Form 471. You can file it online or by email, fax, or on paper. If your Item 21 attachment description of services is not long or complicated, we suggest that you file it online.

To file your Item 21 attachment online, you can click on the Item 21 Attachment button at the bottom of the last page of the online form or click on the Item 21 Attachment button on the Apply Online page to start.

On the following screen, enter your Billed Entity Number, Form 471 Application Number, and Security Code from the form you filed online.

Remember to provide the following information:

  • For telecommunication services, the number of lines and extensions.
  • For digital transmission services, the bandwidth.
  • For Internet access, the bandwidth or the type of circuit.
  • For equipment, the make, model, and SKU (stock-keeping unit).
  • For basic maintenance, the equipment being maintained.

When you are finished, you MUST click the Submit button or your Item 21 attachment will not be submitted. If you click Save & Exit, your attachment is saved but it is NOT submitted to USAC.

Item 21 attachments that are not submitted in a timely manner may be treated as not having been filed by the close of the filing window, and FRNs associated with those Item 21 attachments may not receive E-rate funding.


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