November 20, 2014 

Update on the FY2015 FCC Form 470

The FY2015 FCC Form 470 has been approved by the Office of Management and Budget and notice of this approval is posted to the Federal Register. We notify you of the following changes pertaining to the availability of the FCC Form 470 as of November 20, 2014:

  • We will take down the FY2014 version of the paper form on our website and replace it with the FY2015 version, which is posted for informational purposes only and may not be filed.
  • Tonight, at 7:00 pm EST, we will take down the FY2014 version of the online form and put up a maintenance page.
  • We will then put up the FY2015 version of the online form for immediate use.

If you have started an FY2014 FCC Form 470 online and you have not completed it by 7:00 pm EST tonight, you must start over using the FY2015 version of the form.

If you have already posted an FY2014 FCC Form 470 online and you have not certified it, you do not need to post a new form. However, we suggest that you certify your form by 7:00 pm EST tonight.

  • If you certify online using the FY2014 version of the form before the FY2015 version is posted, you will not need to re-certify your form and you may cite that form on FY2015 FCC Form 471 funding requests.
  • If you certify online after the FY2015 version is available, you will use the FY2015 version of the certifications to certify your form.
  • If you certify on paper and we cannot complete data entry of your certification by 7:00 pm EST tonight, you will be required to re-submit your certification using the FY2015 version of the certification page.

If you filed on paper using the FY2014 version of the form and we have not completed data entry of your form by 7:00 pm EST tonight, you will have to file your form online.

Managed Internal Broadband Services

Managed Internal Broadband Services is a new service type for FY2015. If you are using the FY2014 version of the FCC Form 470, you should include requests for bids on these services in the service type "Internal Connections."

If you are not sure whether the services you are requesting fall under "Managed Internal Broadband Services" or "Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections," we suggest that you post those services in both categories.

Search tool: View a 470

Applicants and service providers use this tool to view an individual FCC Form 470. Users will continue to see their entries as they were originally posted: under FY2014 if the applicant filed using the FY2014 version of the form, and under FY2015 if the applicant uses the FY2015 version of the form. To search for forms intended for FY2015, users must search for BOTH FY2014 and FY2015 forms.

Search tool: Download 470 Information

Service providers use this tool to download summary information on FCC Forms 470. To search for all forms intended for FY2015, providers should search under BOTH FY2014 and FY2015.

Users should use the posting date range options to limit their searches to forms intended for FY2015. Applicants that used the FY2014 version of the form should have indicated in Item 13 that they intended the form for FY2015 as we explained in the October 3, 2014 SL News Brief.


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