January 28, 2015 

Online FCC Form 471: Use of Optional Templates for Discount Calculation and Funding Requests Sections

USAC has created two sets of templates to assist applicants with data entry for large numbers of recipients of service or large numbers of services. The templates can be downloaded and prepared on the applicant's computer and then imported (uploaded) into the appropriate section of the online FCC Form 471.

Use of the templates is optional. Applicants can enter the required information directly into the online form without using the templates. In fact, applicants with a small number of recipients of service or eligible services to enter may prefer to enter their data into the form directly. Users can save their work in the online form, exit, and continue data entry at a later time.

If you exit the online FCC Form 471 before you submit it, you will need your application number and security code to return to your form and continue your work. Remember that USAC provides your application number and security code onscreen after you complete the Basic Information section of the online form and also emails that information to you.


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