April 19, 2016

Updated Connectivity Questions Worksheet Available Tomorrow

The connectivity questions worksheet allows school districts to provide answers to the connectivity questions for their individual schools and email them to USAC for data entry. The answers to these questions must be available in a school district's profile before the school district can certify its FCC Form 471. School districts can also complete these questions themselves in EPC by going to their landing page, clicking "Related Actions," then "Manage Connectivity Questions."

The earlier version of the connectivity questions worksheet will be replaced by a working version early on Wednesday, April 20. Large school districts that want USAC to perform data entry of their answers can complete the new version – which contains the dropdown values missing from the earlier version – and email it to USAC on or before May 2, 2016. Because you cannot certify your FCC Form 471 until data entry of this information has been completed, we encourage you to send it to us as early as possible.

A school district that chooses to complete the connectivity questions worksheet must first answer the system-wide Internet access question in its organization profile and provide the total (aggregate) Internet access bandwidth speeds for the school district. This information is not contained in the worksheet. After the school district has answered this question and provided the total bandwidth in its profile – and sent the completed worksheet to USAC — we will enter the data for the individual schools as featured on the worksheet.

We strongly encourage each school district using this worksheet to review the answers to the connectivity questions in its profile before certifying its FCC Form 471. While USAC will make every effort to enter the data supplied on the worksheet accurately, there may be data missing from the worksheet (for example, from an individual school inadvertently omitted from the worksheet) that must be completed before certification.

For assistance, contact the Client Service Bureau at (888) 203-8100.


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