September 7, 2018

Fall Applicant and Service Provider Training Dates and Locations Announced

USAC announces below the dates and locations for fall applicant and service provider training. USAC's registration link for in-person training is here.

E-rate Applicant Training Session Dates and Locations

(Note: The half-day session listed in italics below are targeted toward E-rate beginners.)

City/State Date Time Location
Washington DC Monday, October 15 12:30–5:00 pm USAC office (DC)
Washington DC Tuesday, October 16 9:00–4:30 pm USAC office (DC)
Washington DC Thursday, October 18 12:30–5:00 pm USAC office (DC)
Washington DC Friday, October 19 9:00–4:30 pm USAC office (DC)
Palatine IL Monday, October 22 12:30–5:00 pm Harper College
Palatine IL Tuesday, October 23 9:00–4:30 pm Harper College
Sacramento CA Thursday, November 1 12:30–5:00 pm CA Dept of Education
Sacramento CA Friday, November 2 9:00–4:30 pm CA Dept of Education
Omaha NE Tuesday, November 13 12:30–5:00 pm Creighton University
Omaha NE Wednesday, November 14 9:00–4:30 pm Creighton University

E-rate Service Provider Training Session Dates and Locations

City/State Date Time Location
Washington DC Monday, December 3 9:00–4:30 pm USAC office (DC)
Washington DC Tuesday, December 4 12:30–5:00 pm USAC office (DC)
Washington DC Wednesday, December 5 9:00–4:30 pm USAC office (DC)

Please note the following:

  • The half-day and full-day sessions for applicants will cover the same material at every location. For example, applicant training offered in either Washington session will offer the same curriculum as that in Nebraska.
  • Similarly, the two full-day sessions for service providers will cover the same material. Service providers also have the option of attending a beginner session, which will be held on the day between the two full-day sessions.
  • Presentations will be available for download in advance of the training.

Online training sessions

This year, in addition to hosting the sessions listed above, USAC is developing a set of modernized online training modules that will cover the same content that will be presented during the in-person training sessions. The training will be available through USAC's website starting in December 2018. More information about this training opportunity will be provided later this year.

We would also like to call your attention to the following features of this year's trainings:

  • We are offering a half-day beginner session targeted to program participants who have a year or less of program experience or simply want a refresher. The beginner session will focus on the basic aspects of the E-rate Program and give attendees the opportunity to ask questions in a more relaxed environment. Attendance is voluntary and not required in order to participate in the main training day.
  • Also, you will be able to choose from beginner and advanced breakouts during the full-day training in addition to the plenary sessions. We encourage attendees to take advantage of the breakouts they feel would be most useful to them, whether they are labeled "beginner" or "advanced." We are asking you to share your preference for breakout tracks when you register so that we can adjust our space requirements as needed.
  • Registration is limited to one half-day session and one full-day session per attendee. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis up to our maximum capacity, which varies by facility. Note that due to space considerations, trainings held in Washington DC will be repeated. The content delivered at all sessions will be the same.
  • USAC is working to add an additional location in a different part of the country. Once it is confirmed, we will make an announcement in the SL News Brief.
  • Attendees make their own arrangements for hotels, meals, and transportation to and from the conference facility. We do not have conference hotels with reduced rates.


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